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FlexTransformManager in a ViewStack or TabNavigator

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I noticed that a crash occurs when I use multiple FlexTransformManager components in a ViewStack or TabNavigator.

Here's the undefined error:

at mx.geom::Transform/set matrix()[E]
at gs.transform::TransformManager/updateSelection()[src\gs\transform\TransformManager.as:1009]
at Function/gs.transform:TransformManager/private:enforceSafetyZone/gs.transform:shiftSelectionScale()[src\gs\transform\TransformManager.as:592]
at gs.transform::TransformManager/enforceSafetyZone()[src\gs\transform\TransformManager.as:544]
at gs.transform::TransformManager/setOrigin()[src\gs\transform\TransformManager.as:514]
at gs.transform::TransformManager/centerOrigin()[src\gs\transform\TransformManager.as:652]


It seems related to fetching the transform.matrix in UIComponent.

[*]You can easaly replicate this problem by setting up a Flex project (3.6 or 4.6, doesn't matter)

[*]Add 2 FlexTransformManager components in a ViewStack or TabNavigator

[*]Add an image to both

[*]Now you can select the image with the mouse in the first tab, but it will crash when selecting the image in the second tab.


Is this a known problem and do you have a solution?

For now I'll build a fake viewstack that looks and behaves the same.


Cheers, Bart

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I couldn't seem to replicate the problem - here's some code I tried:



Are you applying any kind of 3D transformations to anything? If so, that would likely be the problem because Flash/Flex will null the transform.matrix the moment you set any 3D property. TransformManager relies extensively on the transform.matrix property and it is not intended to be used for 3D transformations.

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