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Creating a duplicate FlexTransformManager

jivory test
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Hey everyone,

I am wanting to create a duplicate of the FlexTransformManager that I already have. Have it include all the same objects, size, rotation, etc. That way I can then work with that transformer independently without modifying the original.


I tried:

var transformerDuplicate:FlexTransformManager = new FlexTransformManager();
transformerDuplicate = myTransformer;

and all this seems to do it overwrite the original transformer.

Does anyone know how I can create a duplicate, add it to my stage and be able to work with it from there?


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I'm not aware of any way to duplicate a FlexTransformManager and all of its items without a LOT of code, and even with that, I'm not 100% sure it's possible. You'd literally have to know every property of every item so that you could create a new instance of each one and copy the properties over, etc. See what I mean? That's not a problem specific to FlexTransformManager either - it's virtually any DisplayObjectContainer.

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