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Transform Manager Not Workding dynamically-loaded MC

balaganesh test
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Transform manager is working fine when the Static MovieClip. If I am created dynamic movice and apply Transform Manager, I am phase issues. I will explain what i did,


1. I have one outer movieClip in the name of "outer"


2. Inside that i need to load multiple art and each art i need to apply transform manager


3. So, I created emptyMovieClip each time when user click the add Art button.


4. And I load the particular art to that movieClip.


5. After I apply the Transform manager using AddItem.


6. First Item loaded and applied the Transform Manager successfully. I move the art little bit and i click add art button. so, it loaded second art


7. Second art also have the Transform manager. But if i selected the first art the transform Manager not working.


Following code i used. "btn_mc" and "btn_mc1" are two button.


   import gs.TransformManager;
   import gs.TransformItem;
   import gs.TransformEvent;

   var TmanagerObj =  new TransformManager();

   var i = 120;

   function createArt(clpurl:String) {

      var mcNama = "itemHolder" + i;

      var adjustLoader = _root.outer.createEmptyMovieClip("itemHolder" + i, i);

      var empty_mc = adjustLoader.createEmptyMovieClip("front_art_mc" + i, i);      

      mcLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
      mcLoaderListener = new Object(); // Object initialization   

      mcLoaderListener.onLoadInit = function (targetMC:MovieClip) {   
         var wd:Number = (targetMC._width/2);
         var hg:Number = (targetMC._height/2);

         targetMC._width = wd;
         targetMC._height = hg;


      mcLoader.loadClip(clpurl, empty_mc);

   btn_mc.onRelease = function () {

   btn_mc1.onRelease = function () {


But if i create the emptyMovieClip in root is working perfectly. Just replace this two line it will working perfectly.


    Replace "var adjustLoader = _root.outer.createEmptyMovieClip("itemHolder" + i, i);"  To  "var adjustLoader = _root.createEmptyMovieClip("itemHolder" + i, i);"
    Replace "TmanagerObj.addItem(outer[mcNama]);"  To "TmanagerObj.addItem(_root[mcNama]);"


I not able to fine the where is the problem in my code.




Please Help Me.

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