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Update and Tween Liquid Area

kiogo test
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Is it possible to update a liquid area on the fly? Basically I have 3 positions that I need my mc to adapt to. For example:


Starts at: area.attach(mc, {scaleMode:ScaleMode.STRETCH});


Then via an event, I want the mc to tween to: area.attach(mc, {scaleMode:ScaleMode.HEIGHT_ONLY});


And another event would pin the same mc to the left of the screen: area.attach(mc, {scaleMode:ScaleMode.HEIGHT_ONLY, hAlign:AlignMode.LEFT});


Is it possible to update the liquid area params this way? And tween between the changes?


Thanks for any help!

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Well, not really - you can't tween the scaleMode but you could get that effect with some clever coding :) Just record the old transform values (x/y/width/height), then attach() it at the new/destination mode and use that size to plug into a width/height/x/y tween and then re-apply the old values. Visually, it should appear seamless. Kinda like:


area.attach(mc, {scaleMode:ScaleMode.STRETCH});
var originalTransforms:Matrix = mc.transform.matrix; //contains all the transform data
area.attach(mc, {scaleMode:ScaleMode.HEIGHT_ONLY});
TweenLite.to(mc, 2, {x:mc.x, y:mc.y, width:mc.width, height:mc.height, onComplete:area.attach, onCompleteParams:[mc, {scaleMode:ScaleMode.HEIGHT_ONLY}]});
mc.transform.matrix = originalTransforms;


The only thing to keep in mind is that the code assumes the LiquidArea won't resize/reposition during the tween. That'd make it much more complex. But hopefully this gives you a nudge in the right direction.

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