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Exclude child of target object in TransformManager?

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Hi Jack,


Back again! Thanks again for your help last time around!


Just a random bit of curiosity - is there a way to exclude a child of an existing TransformManager instance's targetObject from bounds calculations and selection UI?


For example, let's say I've called addItem on a MovieClip that has two Sprites as children. I want one of the sprites to be visible all the time, and be accounted for in the TransformManager's selection bounds, etc. I'd like the other sprite to be hidden by default, and when I set it's visibility to true, not to be counted toward the overall bounds of the selection. Both children should be scaled and moved by TransformManager, the second would Ideally just being invisible in bounds calculations. I had hoped to use addIgnoredObject, but saw in the documentation that the supplied targetObject cannot be a child of a targetObject.


I'm thinking that there's no real way to go about this other than to take the second sprite out of the original target Object, tie its scale and position to the targetObject, and leave it out of TransformManager's hands, but if you have an alternate suggestion, I'd be glad to hear it!


Thanks Kindly,


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No, sorry, but Flash always includes children when calculating bounds. You could indeed create a separate proxy-like object that is managed by TransformManager and just listen for SCALE/MOVE/ROTATE events and adjust its position/scale/rotation accordingly each time the proxy is updated. See what I mean?

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