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TransformManager 9-slice scaling

riavietnam test
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TransformManager doesn't really concern itself with 9-slice scaling - it simply works on any DisplayObject and alters its transform.matrix values which is a pretty basic/fundamental thing in Flash. As far as I know, it doesn't interfere with 9-slice scaling but please let me know if you run into trouble.

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My picture frame (holder: sprite) has two sprite child (one is the frame border outside, and the other is the content inside).

1. We can not use the scale9Grid property


var slice9rect:Rectangle = new Rectangle(38, 38, 38, 38);

holder.scale9Grid = slice9rect;


item:TransformItem = manager.addItem( holder );


2. I have developed a successful 9-slice scaling sprite like below example:

http://uwantweb.com/projects/FlashFrame ... /Main.html


But when adding to the TransformItem, The transform is working as normal without the 9-slice scaling.


I do not know why :-(

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Right, the scale9Grid doesn't work on children (that's a Flash thing and has nothing to do with TransformManager). So if you apply a scale9Grid to an object and add that object to TransformManager, it should work okay (as far as I know) but if you apply a scale9Grid to an object and then put that INTO another Sprite/DisplayObjectContainer and that that container to TransformManager, the scale9Grid won't be effective. Again, that's unrelated to TransformManager.

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Hmm...I'm curious to see that. I just tried it myself yesterday and it worked fine for me with a slice9Grid although I must admit that TransformManager wasn't designed to work with scale9Grid. Can you send me a very simple FLA that demonstrates the issue so that I can publish it on my end and analyze things?

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