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Scale & Rotate a TransformItem by clicking anywhere on it?

shagga test
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Hi there!


We purchased a license for your awesome TransformManager AS3, and now i am stuck with the following problem:

Is it possible to scale and rotate a TransformItem on the stage without using the handles directly but by clicking anywhere on the TransformItem?


I have some sort of "state controller", which allows me to allow only positioning, scaling or rotating of a TransformItem at one time.

I mean i want to be able to click ANYWHERE on the TransformItem and scale and or rotate it, according to the state in which the TransformManager is in at the time of the click. This works out of the box with the positioning, but scaling and rotating is only possible by using the handles on the outside corners of the TransformItem.


I hope i have made my problem clear, and that there is a way to accomplish this!


Thank you and best regards,


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Well, the AS3 version allows you to do pretty much everything via code, so it's not limited to user interaction driven changes. If you want to add some custom functionality, you certainly should be able to and then just use the scaleSelection() and/or rotateSelection() methods to accomplish what you're after. But no, TransformManager doesn't have any automated ways to accommodate scaling/rotating by clicking anywhere on the object(s). Sorry.

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