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Index out of range problem (in combination with colorpicker)

strobo77 test
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I use the Greensock Transform AS3 plugin and it works great in a flex application, except the following problem:

I also use a Flex colorpicker in the application and when I click that and choose a color, afterwards the Greensock plugin gives the error:


RangeError: Index 11 is out of range.

at spark.components::Group/checkForRangeError()[E]

at spark.components::Group/setElementIndex()[E]

at com.greensock.transform::TransformManager$/bringToFront()[/users/strobo/Sites/ConfiguratorTextile/configuratorApp/src/com/greensock/transform/TransformManager.as]

at com.greensock.transform::TransformManager/onSelectItem()[/users/strobo/Sites/ConfiguratorTextile/configuratorApp/src/com/greensock/transform/TransformManager.as]




I read something on this forum about putting autoDeselect = false etc, and implementing a sprite with the colorpicker outside of it, but that doesn't work.

I also tried to add the colorpicker to IgnoredObjects, but that doesn't work neither.


I do still can move and delete the images and add new images, but can't scale them anymore and don't get the selection box anymore after I get the Index out of range error.

Something goes wrong with "bring to front" after I click the colorpicker.


Somebody a solution ?



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It almost sounds like you're not using FlexTransformManager and instead, you're using TransformManager directly in Flex. Is that true? If so, is there a reason you're not using FlexTransformManager?


Also, please make sure you download the latest version of TransformManager and see if you're still getting the error. https://www.greensock.com/account/


If you're still having trouble, is there any way you could post a simple example project that I can publish to see exactly what's going on? Please don't post your production files - just the simplest possible example would be great.

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