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Glow Filter issue

Benjamin Waller test
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I have a glowFilter issue I wish to get some advice on. The issue is with a MC which consists of a bitmap image layered on vector graphics and the problem is I can't seem to get the glowFilter to work properly WHEN MOUSING OVER THE IMAGE ITSELF.


I have attached an example of the problem. One MC works fine while the other doesn't.


Container1 (left on stage) Is a MovieClip instance of imported assets from Illustrator with all the graphics as a single bitmap image but in doing so I lost the quality of the image and of course you can't scale it up etc… However this glow filter effect works as expected.


Container2 (right on stage) Is a MovieClip instance of imported assets with layered vector graphics and a bitmap image sitting on top. All layers were separate when importing from Illustrator. This one has kept its full pixel image quality but the glow filter doesn't work when you mouse over the bitmap image itself, very strange? However, I do get the glow effect to work when the mouse is at the very edge(because there is a thin lip of the container around the edge) and on the top of the container where there is on image.


Any suggestions? If anyone has a chance to look at the file it may be easier to diagnose.




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