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Working on an application, where you can enter "crop mode", change the mask and/or image position/rotation inside. When you exit the crop mode, and multiselect, the boundry box becomes humongous.


here's the story:

- 2 images on stage, both 3000px wide.

- both resized to fit a area of 400x400

- both "cropped" to be about 100x100

= multiselect creates boundry box of 3500x3000


inside the crop action I've got this hack, works fine with just one object selected:

override public function getBounds(targetCoordinateSpace:DisplayObject):Rectangle {
		var t = manager.getSelectionBounds(this)
		return t;


I do not want to rewrite the entire app to accomodate for the Crop functionality that you added. Can you direct me towards a solution?

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I'm not quite sure where that code is or what exactly is happening in your app. Sorry. I wonder why you're not just having that method return __mask.getBounds(targetCoordinateSpace) though rather than doing all that selection and deselection stuff.


Feel free to post a sample FLA that has the minimum code necessary to reproduce the problem so that I can publish it on my end and see what's going on. Disclaimer: I can't promise that I'll troubleshoot an unsupported hack though.

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No, sorry, but since you're transforming the actual object, not the mask, it uses the bounds of the actual object rather than the mask. If I forced it to use the mask (which is a completely different DisplayObject altogether), I would surely get plenty of users saying that's undesirable (and incorrect) behavior. See what I mean? Feel free to use the new Crop and FlexCrop classes or tweak them to suit your needs.

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