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Delete textArea (transform manager)

kidlarge test
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Have some serious problems regarding the textArea component in combination with transform manager.

I'm trying to make it possible to delete a textarea by pressing the "delete"-key.


TFmanager.allowDelete = true; 


Works fine for movieclips but can't get it to work for textareas.


Any ideas?

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Yep, that's completely by design because TextArea objects have text that folks typically want to edit which means they might type something and then hit the DELETE or BACKSPACE key to remove that text. If TransformManager deleted the entire TextArea as soon as one of those keys gets hit, that would be really frustrating! "I just mistyped a character and wanted to fix it but then the entire TextArea disappeared!"


See the problem?


Of course if you want to delete the TextArea, you can manually handle that with your own code. The TransformItem has a deleteObject() method that you can call.

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