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Transforming inside a loaded mc

mika test
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Im having issues with transformManager,


I just can't get clips inside a loaded mc to work (transform) properly :

The cursor does change, and some events are trigered, but the handles does not appear, and the item doesnt move at all, even with keyboard.


If using the exact same code I target the loaded mc itself, it works without a problem.


Any suggestions on what could cause this behavior ?

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Very difficult to troubleshoot blind - any chance you could post a very simple example FLA that clearly demonstrates the issue so that I can publish it on my end and see what's going on? (the simpler the better by the way - please don't post your production files and do not include the GreenSock classes). Are you subloading across domains without a crossdomain.xml file in place that grants access? Is your sub-swf loading into a different SecurityDomain? Did you make sure that all the items that you're adding to that particular TransformManager instance share the same parent?

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Made a dummy ... it works ok


import com.greensock.transform.TransformManager

var ldr:Loader = new Loader();
var urlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest("loadingTest.swf");
ldr.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, AssetMapLoaded)

var loadedmc

function AssetMapLoaded(e:Event)
var loaderInfo:LoaderInfo = e.target as LoaderInfo;
loadedmc = loaderInfo.content;


var manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager( { targetObjects:[loadedmc] } )


I'm not subloading accross domain and there shouldn't be Security domains issues, but i'm gonna double check that.

I'm using the same TransformManager line than above for tests, so theres only one item in the transformManager instance.


Thanks for your inputs, i keep on digging. At least I know it's something burried in my code (which is huge)

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Here is the list of event that are dispatch when i click on my object (in my production code)










displayed with

public function TransformEvent($type:String, $items:Array, $mouseEvent:MouseEvent = null, $bubbles:Boolean = false, $cancelable:Boolean = false){

super($type, $bubbles, $cancelable);

this.items = $items;

this.mouseEvent = $mouseEvent;




Nothing happens when i hover it.

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I finally got over it, but the solution was strange enough for me not to remember how, and my feeling was the TM class was handling the issue in a strange way.


I'll try to make a post about it when i'm back on this project.

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