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Adding color picker to the ignoredObject list help needed

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My program uses the TransformManagerTool AS3 from Greensock.

I'm trying to have my program NOT deselect my selected item when the user chooses a color from a color picker flash component.

To do so I added the color picker to the igneredObject list:




The picker is added with success but clicking any color from the palette deselects any selected item. I then though I should add the components children to the ignoredObject list:


		for (var i:uint = 0; i < myPicker.numChildren; i++){


Which changed nothing. I traced the added children and the component seems to only have 1 button child. I guess I missunderstood the way the components work.

How could I make it so the color picker component does not deselect selected items?

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No need to add the children like that (as you discovered). It sounds like the ColorPicker actually puts a new (different) DIsplayObject on top of the display list for the actual color palette that you choose from, so that [additional] picker item would need to be added to the ignored objects. However, one other easy way to make this work is to turn OFF the autoDeselect option (autoDeselect:false) on your TransformManager and then put a big rectangle (a Sprite) BEHIND all your objects (think of it like a background) with an alpha of 0. Then, add a MouseEvent.CLICK event listener to that rectangle Sprite and in your handler, call your TransformManager's deselectAll() method. That way, only clicks that go through to the background get registered. See what I mean?


Since your color picker (and other interface elements) are on top of that rectangle, clicks on them won't matter.

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