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jivory test
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Hey all,

We're using the TransformManager v 1.921. We've been using it in an application for almost a year now, and just barely noticed an issue. We have an image, rotate it 90 deg and begin scaling down on the vertical axis (original horizontal scaleX). It doesn't happen every time, but when we scale it down a bit, almost to 0 sometimes, and then reverse and scale it back up, it flips the horizontal scale value to negative (original vertical scaleY). We trace out the rotation, width, height, scaleX, and scaleY and that's how we notice it change.

The image inside the TransformItem stays the same however. So visually to the user, the image stays the same. We are outputting the values and image in a final product from this, and since the value has changed, the image in the final output is flipped mirrored.

We're not sure how many people read the values or even use those values for something later, so we're hopeful someone has noticed this issue and how to resolve it and that it is not just us.


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Hmm...I have been trying for quite some time now and I cannot seem to reproduce this problem, but it may be because I'm using the latest version and you're using a stale version which has had fixes applied :)


Would you mind updating to the latest version and letting us know if it resolves things for you? Or tell us exactly how to reproduce the issue? I know you tried to describe it but I followed those directions and couldn't get it to malfunction at all. Maybe you could post a simple FLA that demonstrates things?

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Attached is a simple FLA I put together, sorry for the confusing description of how to recreate the issue :?

Anyway, we updated to 1.95 this morning and the issue remains so I made this. I have a SCALE event tracing out the rotation, scaleX, and scaleY. When you rotate the image to 90 deg, the scaleY gets flipped to negative. If you carefully rotate to 89 deg, or even 91 deg the values output positive and expected, but right at 90 deg, the issue occurs.


You'll notice the image stays the same, which is why it's difficult to notice an issue until you trace out the values and use them later (which we are doing for an output) and therefor our image come out flipped on the horizontal axis.


We are adding the TransformEvent.SCALE to the TransformItem. Is this correct or should it be on the TransformManager instead? Just making sure we're putting it together correctly and could be a cause of the issue :roll:


I also put together a quick Flex example and tested and the outcome is the same. We are using the TransformManager within a Flex application, and so I built this example in Flash to make sure the issue existed in both environments.


Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Ah yes, thanks a bunch for putting a sample together. This was helpful - I was tracing the scaleY of the actual DisplayObject, not the TransformItem which explains why I didn't see the issue.


This actually had to do with rounding errors in Flash, but it should be worked around in the latest version now. Please update as soon as you can and let me know if it resolves things for you. Thanks for pointing this out! And sorry for the hassle.



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Very good! Updated to 1.952 and the issue is fixed. We assumed it was some rounding issues in Flash (which we've seen before). Great work fixing it, and always appreciative of the quick and responsive support! Thanks again for such a great tool that is vital to our application.

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