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Can't Select Objects on the Stage

evanjacover test
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I've created a TransformManager instance and added some items to it. The items are just jpgs loaded in dynamically. They load correctly, and I'm calling transformManager.selectItem() as soon as the items are added to the stage. This all works correctly: handles are displayed and they can be transformed.


However, when I click off of the image and it deselects, I can no longer select it by clicking on it. Also, I only get the "move" cursor when I'm hovering over the handles and outline that TransformManager puts around the graphic. When I hover over the graphic itself (even if it's selected) I don't get the move cursor.


It seems like the problem would be that there's a DisplayObject on top of the graphics that's interfering with mouse events, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Is there anything else that might be causing this problem?

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Are you using a Bitmap object? Those aren't interactive objects - they don't dispatch any MouseEvents. That has nothing to do with TransformManager, by the way - it's just a Flash thing. So you could wrap your Bitmap in a Sprite or draw the Bitmap into the Sprite using a bitmap fill.

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