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full-screen mode and SHIFT

_Vlad_ test
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Dear GreenSock Team,


Could you help me to solve the problem with SHIFT in a full-screen mode, please?

When SWF opens in a full-screen mode (stage.displayState=StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN)

the SHIFT function is not working (there are no ability to select multiple items, to constrain scaling proportions, or to limit the rotation to 45 degree increments).

win7 (64bit), Chrome, Flash (no debug version), TRANSFORMMANAGER (AS3) 1.945 (2011-04-19)


Thank you in advance.


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I believe that's a browser bug, not TransformManager. I just tested full screen mode and the SHIFT key worked great for me. Unfortunately I'm not aware of a fix for the browser or Flash Player issue in Chrome. Just so you know, you can use the CTRL key to do multiple selections too (it works just like SHIFT).

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