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initParent & initStage : Re-use the same instance

vincent test
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Imagine the following scenario:


Elem A with Parent X

Elem B with Parent Y


var manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager();

Ok, now transform manager is initialized with Parent X (onTargetAddedToStage function).

/* There are more elements in the transform manager */

The stage has now changed (Parent X != Parent Y) but it does not pass again in the initialization function.


The simple workaround is to re-instantiate the Transform manager but it would be cool to keep the same instance.

What do you think?



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Yeah, once you've instantiated a TransformManager and added the first item, the parent is determined but if you're going to manage things in another parent, you'll need to create a different TransformManager instance. Maybe I'll restructure things and create an invalidate() method or something in the future but that's not a simple tweak :)

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