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customizeMoveCursor doesn't hide mouse in browser?

benb test
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I noticed that when I use customizeMoveCursor to hide the mouse, the mouse does indeed hide when opening the SWF within Flash but if I view the SWF in a browser then the mouse is not hidden. I'm on a Mac. I've tried on Firefox and Safari. Both have the same result. I'm not sure if it matters but I'm embedding the SWF with SWFObject.


TransformManager.customizeMoveCursor(null, true, 0, 0);


Also, I just noticed that the same behavior occurs with the demo at http://www.greensock.com/transformmanageras3/ for me. Although, I'm not sure if the mouse is suppose to be hidden in the demo.


Does anyone know a solution for this? Thanks.



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Hmmm....sounds like maybe you have a corrupt Flash Player install or something. The mouse cursor works properly for me in every browser. Are you saying that you see the regular mouse cursor in the example AND the custom cursor icon too?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I see both the operating system's default pointer cursor and TransformManager's cursor (see attached screenshot). Although I just noticed at some point the operating system's default cursor did disappear -- I think after I switched web browser tabs and then came back to the demo. If I reload the demo, both appear. Switch tabs and come back and only TransformManager's cursor appears. Strange. That's in Safari. In Firefox, I've only seen the demo with both cursors.

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