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TransformManager and constrainScale qwerk?

sugarfree test
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Hi Jack,

Just wondering if there is a odd behaviour with constrainScale.


private var _manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager({ lockRotation:false, bounds:new Rectangle(5, 5, 645, 361), forceSelectionToFront:false, allowDelete:true, autoDeselect:true, handleSize:4, allowMultiSelect:false, ignoreEvents:true} );
var item:TransformItem = _manager.addItem(icon);
item.constrainScale = true;
var item:TransformItem = _manager.addItem(test);
item.constrainScale = false;


// both icon and test behave as expected.


But change TransformManager to this:

private var _manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager({ constrainScale:true ......});


// and test doesn't behave as expected. i.e its constrainScale behaves as though its true (even though set to false).


Should this be the expect results?


PS: Interestingly, when its false, icon and test behave as expected :-)


private var _manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager({ constrainScale:false ......});

False cant override true, but true can override false. (odd)




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