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Some loaded from XML items are "off"

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I can't figure this out, since this had been working fine but I use TM to create a room, like this:



Where the orange items have lockScale true and the gray walls do not. I have also disabled constrainScale on the TM in MXML, so you can stretch the walls to make a room.


I save the whole thing with exportFullXML, and load it, but although the orange items are always correct, the wall objects are not:



Why would this be?

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OK, I see what is happening now, but not sure how to handle it. The problem is from adding items with the same name more than once is confusing things.


However, I am unclear on what to do about it. This goes back to by continuing problem about how to "find" the correct items to add to the TM before applyFullXML is called. I am adding items with this:

protected function addNewItem(obj:Object):void {
var stageItem:AddedItem = new AddedItem();
stageItem.source = "/wsbp/images/full/"+obj.img;
stageItem.itemName = obj.name;
stageItem.name = obj.name 	


I was using stageItem.name = obj.name to give the Transform item a name i could associate with the original graphic, so when I load the XML I can fetch is and add it before applyFullXML. So of course, multiple TIs have the same name now, which is obviously not good.


If I don't assign a name like I am here, the default item names are things like "AddedItem234", each unique. But how do I know what "AddedItem234" is, so I can load the correct graphic (AddedItem class)?

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Are you asking how you can name your DisplayObjects uniquely? I'm a little unclear about the problem you're asking about. It should be as simple as giving each "name" property a unique name. You could just append a unique number to it if you want, using a static variable that you increment each time, like:


private static var _instanceCount:uint = 0;

//then, inside your addNewItem() method...
stageItem.name = obj.name + (_instanceCount++);


Does that help?

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