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Looking for someone to animate a character on my clients website

Samsu test
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Hello gsap enthusiast, 

I am looking for someone that could help me with my clients website . https://driveli.co.uk/   ... its not yet live . Id like to get some animation on there. 

In brief the website is a platform to help learner drivers in the uk , book lessons with their instructors and manage their progress. There is a particular chracter we have created that appears throughout the website ( see screen shot on attachments ) ... id like this charcter to provide comical gestures and ideally intereactive if possible. Youll also see that throughout the site other items of design would also need some attention and i think animation would be perfect for them. 

hero page chracter.png

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As a question already posed. We do have all the SVG of all the animation,. we're not to sure what kind of for of animation should take place ; i dont want to inhibit any creative ideas . I'll be more than happy to discuss the project and what its trying to achieve - perhaps that will inspire you to come up with a flow of gestures and prompts. ! 

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