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Responsive behavior using SplitText

Pedro Rezende test
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Hello everyone! 🌟


I'm trying to understand how to handle SplitText responsiveness because I'm encountering some unexpected results when I resize the page.


In the example below, I notice that I get a different position each time I refresh the page with a different screen resolution. I'm attempting to revert the changes before reapplying SplitText.


Ex: After resizing to a big screen:



Ex2: After refreshing the page using the same screen resolution above: 


For the effect I want to use, I really need the position property set as absolute. Also, I'm not throttling, just for simplicity. 


Someone could please give me a light on what I'm doing wrong / not understanding correctly?


Thank you very much!


See the Pen OJrOEXB by prznd (@prznd) on CodePen

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Hi Pedro,


It seems that the revert method is not cleaning the height and width given to the SplitText target h1. This seems to resolve the issue:

if (text) {
  gsap.set("h1", { clearProps: true, }); // Remove all inline styles applied by GSAP

Hopefully this helps.
Happy Tweening!

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