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As we all know that GSAP relies on JavaScript and CSS to create animations.. It is possible that it conflicts if other plugins or themes on the WordPress website use similar libraries or scripts. Same happens with me on my WordPress website, there are conflicts that lead to unexpected behavior, broken animations, or even site crashes.


Is there any possible solution to fix this out? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

The page I need help with: https://templateviro.com/

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Sorry to hear about the headaches, @johnrnagle. I'm not aware of any issues like that, but we can't really troubleshoot live sites for free in these forums - there are way too many variables/factors. Plus you'd need to be much more specific about what exactly you mean by "conflicts that lead to unexpected behavior, broken animations, or even site crashes". What unexpected behavior? What exactly breaks about the animations and how can it be reproduced? Same for site crashes. You'll have the best chance of getting a solid answer here if you can provide an isolated minimal demo, like in CodePen or Stackblitz. Or if you'd like to explore paid consulting options, you can contact us directly for that. 


In terms of conflicts, I would definitely recommend checking to make sure you don't have any CSS transitions/animations applied to the same elements that you're trying to animate with GSAP. And obviously I'd recommend just loading the latest version of GSAP whenever possible. 

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