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Issues with ScrollSmoother for Images past a certain width.

pixelsandthings test
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Hi all, I'm having an issue where images past their native width seem to suddenly fail and scroll at the incorrect rate while using ScrollSmoother, these images have a height of 120% set within a container thats absolutely positioned, the image itself is set using data-speed="auto", the odd thing is that it seems to be fine sometimes but not others, does ScrollTrigger/ScrollSmoother cache in anyway? If it does what can I do to make sure it's behaving as it should be. Form example the Codepen Demo wasn't working and now it is...? Any help would be greatly apprciated.

See the Pen abQoKQM by pixelsandthings (@pixelsandthings) on CodePen

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Ah ok, I've got a few sites dealing with the images in a similar way, and they all seem work fine up to a point, usually around their intrinsic width and past that point that's where the scroll offset calculations seems to go a bit crazy, you're right in that the demo seems to be behaving now, where's the best place to grab the latest versions as the sites in question are using NPM and Laravel Mix?


Really appreciate the speedy fix though!

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The new release will be pushed out very soon. I don't see a Club GreenSock membership on your account - do you mind me asking how you're getting access to members-only plugins like ScrollSmoother? 


If you're a member, I can get you early access to a .tgz file that you can npm install. 

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The licence was being used on behalf of a partner agency I do development work for, I'd not realised my personal licence had lapsed, just purchased a new one. Any idea what the version will be so I can keep an eye out?

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