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Premium plugins in stackblitz

Vander test
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Is it possible to use Premium plugins in stackblitz platform? 

I'm trying to recreate something to get some help from other people but i'm afraid they can get my token

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2 hours ago, GreenSock said:

Absolutely! Stackblitz is whitelisted in the gsap-trial package. You can use them as much as you want on that domain for free. 


Have fun!

Thanks! Didn't know about this :)


Could you help me by importing SplitText? Do you see any error on my TransformAnimation.vue component? I see some errors in console but i dont know how to fix them (I need glasses maybe 😕 ) but i can't run my app (pnpm dev)




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It looks like your build tool doesn't recognize ES Modules, so you can just import the UMD files from the /dist/ directory: 

import SplitText from 'gsap-trial/dist/SplitText';

And you can import GSAP like that too: 

import gsap from 'gsap-trial/dist/gsap';

Does that help? 

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My  .npmrc is set correctly and works locally, but not when trying to install dependencies in Stackblitz

Same node version and the same yarn version.

But when I try to add my `@gsap/simply` package, I keep getting "Failed to fetch dependencies: @3.12.1".


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Thank you for your prompt reply  @Rodrigo 

I understand "there is no need", but is it possible at all?

Since I am working on my repository, I want to be able to use the same dependency regardless of the platform.



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Thanks for posting back here about what you discovered, @yumyo. Sorry about the speed bumps you encountered. I'm sure it's a bit annoying, but just using the gsap-trial package on Stackblitz is probably the easiest route and allows you to avoid getting an Enterprise Stackblitz plan.


Thanks for being a Club GreenSock member! 🥳 

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