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GSAP: changing the position of all page elements after connecting to GSAP

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My problem is that in raw form (without including a .js file) the page looks different.
(I also have a question: how can I make it look even, because of the margin for the text must be smaller than the margin for the image)

But as soon as you connect the animation, the elements immediately begin to change their positions.

The only solution that I found for myself is to refer specifically to the elements, and give them their distance.

Is it possible to fix this in some other way?

I am attaching the code.

app.js index.html main.css

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Hi there,


I think the question here is down to the starting positions of elements with data-speed added on a ScrollSmoother page

If I'm right we have a solution coming in the next release

See the Pen gOBedNX by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

ScrollSmoother is a Club GreenSock plugin, and there's no membership listed with this account. Is the membership associated with a work account? If so you'll be able to download the newest files from that account dashboard after we release them

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