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GSAP Animation with Orientation Detection on Mobile Browser

vincent777 test
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First time posting.

I would like to hire someone to duplicate the water animation found on  this android app below, with JS/GSAP/CSS?  I don't know if GSAP or pure CSS/JS is enough.



Basically on mobile browsers, animate the water wave upon moving the phone.   Let me know how much that would cost to build.

There are CSS water waves animations built already. I imagine one just need to get orientation of phone (X,Y,Z coordinates) and rotate the CSS animation a certain direction. or use GSAP?  I'm fairly new to GSAP so I don't know if this is the right place for it.


CSS water wave animation code that exist already:

See the Pen PqxKXg by tedmcdo (@tedmcdo) on CodePen

See the Pen LYWPJPN by techgirldiaries (@techgirldiaries) on CodePen

See the Pen LYPGxQz?editors=1100 by goodkatz (@goodkatz) on CodePen


Thanks for reading.

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I ordered recently animated reels from Blue Carrot studio and, suppose, they made up similar effects with GSAP. IDK exactly how they realised it technically and how much it would cost exactly in your case, but I'm pretty sure they could do that. You can check their video production pricing at the web-site and better contact them directly. 

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