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Hello Dr. Green


I have to do a t-shirt designer app and fortunately your classes here are very handy - i hope. i haven't purchased yet because i want to check before if everything is possible what i want to:

the client want a similar design like on this page http://www.spreadshirt.net . my question is: it's possible to make custom handles like on this page?


thank you.

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Well, not really - those aren't just custom handle designs; they are functionally very different. That being said, you could customize TransformManager and build something like that, but it isn't a simple "slap a few handles on there by setting some properties and you're done" kind of a thing. It would definitely take a fair amount of rewiring of the interface elements. The geometric transformations and calculations that undergird everything would remain unchanged, though. Frankly, that's one of the biggest headaches in building a tool like this, particularly one that accommodates multiple selections and rotated scaling and bounds, etc. Even if you had to rework half of the code, it would still likely save you many, many hours compared to creating something from scratch.


Anyway, feel free to take a crack at it - I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on everything anyway.


PS This probably goes without saying, but please note that you couldn't resell a customized version of TransformManager. You can use it for your own projects, of course. You just can't purchase it, copy portions of the code and concepts and then sell a competing product (not that you were thinking of doing that - just wanted to be clear).


Good luck with your project.

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