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Draggable - Releasing a draggable element doesnt clean the X/Y coordinates in Low Power Mode

ugo test
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Hey, I'm facing an issue that i cant find any solution, i have tried different way to fix it but unfortunately, none of them are working. The issue is only reproducible from a real device when being set in Low Power Mode / Battery Saving mode. It seems like that whenever you are releasing the element, an then you start to grab it again, the latest will keep the previous last X/Y coordinates, ending with creating a gab between the element and the cursor/finger position when triggering the onPress.

Solution I have tried, applying a gsap.set(element, { x: 0, y: 0 }) after releasing the element, calling the draggable.update() function after that.

I'll be keen to be helped out on that issue.

Thanks a lot in advance

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