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In TypeScript, gsap is defined even when it shouldn't be

RJWadley test
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If GSAP is imported into at least one file, it is then defined in every file including where it shouldn't be. This also happens to all the plugins.


Here's a code sandbox that hopefully illustrates the issue a bit better: https://codesandbox.io/s/gsap-import-types-p88m1x?file=/src/App.tsx

(btw, you need to open both files, see the note in the sandbox for why)
In that sandbox, I would expect a type error at compile time but instead get a reference error at runtime.

The setup here is pretty minimal, but have I set up GSAP incorrectly here?

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I'm a bit confused, @RJWadley, about why you're not importing GSAP properly in your App.tsx file (you commented it out, right?) Can you help me understand what your goal is there by omitting it? 


This certainly sounds more like a TypeScript question (I'm not much of a TypeScript guy). TypeScript definitions are included in the NPM package. Is there a GSAP-specific question we could help with? 

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