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Is there anything in GSAP help me calculate the transform from element to full screen?

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like  thisimage.thumb.png.294803be45d5b5df938c811ab305e1b4.png


And I can calculate it in Native code,but i wonder if there's anything in gsap that simplifies the code

export function amplificationElementTransform(Element: HTMLElement) {
  const bigImg = Element;
  const bigElementStyle = bigImg.getBoundingClientRect();
  const bodyElementStyle = {
    width: document.documentElement.clientWidth,
    height: document.documentElement.clientHeight,
  const imgCenterPosition = {
    x: getLeft(bigImg) + bigElementStyle.width / 2,
    y: getTop(bigImg) + bigElementStyle.height / 2,
  const bodyCenterPosition = { x: bodyElementStyle.width / 2, y: bodyElementStyle.height / 2 };
  const scaleWidth = bodyElementStyle.width / bigElementStyle.width;
  const scaleHeight = bodyElementStyle.height / bigElementStyle.height;
  function calculateX(){
    return bodyCenterPosition.x - imgCenterPosition.x;
  function calculateY(){
    return bodyCenterPosition.y - imgCenterPosition.y;
  function calculateScale(){
    return scaleWidth > scaleHeight ? scaleWidth : scaleHeight;
  const x = calculateX();
  const y = calculateY();
  const scale = calculateScale();
  return {
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Are you trying to calculate the transforms necessary to make that element full screen? If so: 



But if your goal is to have it animate there, you might want to look at a completely different technique known as "FLIP" because it can be SUPER powerful and way easier, plus more responsive.



For example, you could just capture the state (at the small size), then apply CSS that'd make that element full-screen (maybe even position: fixed) and then let Flip plugin do the animation between those states. If you've never heard of this technique, I'd highly recommend at least reading up on it or watching the video. Once you grasp it, you'll see how incredibly powerful it can be in certain situations. 


Good luck!

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