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Stitch multiple video segments using loader

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I am trying to implement Apples streaming video standard (http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-pantos-http-live-streaming-04) in as3. Essentially I load a list of video meta data, then load each individual video and play them sequentially. This seems to be exactly what this loading library supports. However, when multiple video files are attempted to be stitched together there always seems to be a small gap where the video pauses between the subsequent video play requests. Lei Zhu has an excellent example of this deficiency illustrated here where he has created his own loading queue for the video http://video.leizhu.com/video.html.


Since this library seems to make up for deficiencies in the out of box loaders (I have logged a bug against Adobe as I believe there is something wrong on their side as no one seems to know how to fix this https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-5355), I'm wondering is you have had success in video stitching using this library?



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I haven't tried something like that personally, but without very low-level access to the NetStream/video file, I'm not sure it's realistic to expect that you could eliminate any of that little hiccup inbetween videos because of the way timing works in the Flash Player and the fact that your video probably won't perfectly coincide exactly with the end of a frame in Flash, and it might take a frame or two for the NetStream to properly dispatch its completion event and throw another one up on the stage. I have no idea if this will help: http://www.bytearray.org/?p=1689 but let us know if you figure something out. VideoLoader can certainly help you get the files loaded - the only issue is the hand-off between videos during playback.

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