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Draggable zIndex issues

jan57 test
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Hi, I am a complete newbie, apologies for any mishaps. 

Trying out the Draggable plug in, i could not replicate other examples where the dragged item gains top position compared to the others on screen.

I do not know what i'm doing wrong, i suspect it is a very simple issue that keeps eluding me.  

Thank you in advance.  

See the Pen PoaLryY by Jan57 (@Jan57) on CodePen

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Hey there!


Yep, nice and simple, but a little confusing! A little CSS 'gotcha' in play here.


Z Index ( z-index ) is a CSS property that defines the order of overlapping HTML elements. Elements with a higher index will be placed on top of elements with a lower index. Note: Z index only works on positioned elements ( position:absolute , position:relative , or position:fixed )


You don't have a position applied to your elements. If you add a position you'll get the result you're after.

position:relative added in the below pen...

See the Pen bGKJbMm by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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