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Hello, I wondered If I could get some clarification on dragClickable please. I have applied two different values to two different html inputs but they appear to have the same result? There is a high possibility I have the wrong syntax or not applying the data attribute the the correct html element? Thanks in advance.

See the Pen KKePxMQ by limitedunlimited (@limitedunlimited) on CodePen

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Hi there! 


It looks like we need to pair that up with dragClickables: false to tell draggable not to drag those specified 'clickables'


Boolean - By default, Draggable will work on pretty much any element, but sometimes you might want clicks on <a>, <input>, <select>, <button>, and <textarea> elements (as well as any element that has a data-clickable="true" attribute) NOT to trigger dragging so that the browser’s default behavior fires (like clicking on an input would give it focus and drop the cursor there to begin typing), so if you want Draggable to ignore those clicks and allow the default behavior instead, set dragClickables: false.

See the Pen poKzxzG?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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