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ScrollTrigger timelines - don't play until in view?

kabocreative test
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Hello GSAP-ers!

I've got a series of icons, each with their own timeline. I'd like them to only animate when in view, so I'm using scrolltrigger to play onEnter and onEnterBack as per:


toggleActions: "play pause play pause"

I would expect them to be paused unless in view, but t2 and t5 are always playing. I wondered if this might be related to having scrolltrigger and defaults applied to the timline, but when I remove the defaults they still animate before coming into view.


Primary question: Any ideas on how to prevent t2 and t5 from playing when not in view greatly appreciated.

Secondary question: repetitive code
As a secondary point I'm running the same scrolltrigger on 7 timelines, which feels excessively repetitive:


scrollTrigger: {
  trigger: "#div-id", toggleActions: "play pause play pause"

think I want a forEach loop here, but every example I come across is for running the same animation repeated times, while each timeline here contains unique animations. instead of '#div-id' which is unique for each timeline, '.section' could be used as each item is in a .section div.

Any ideas to tidy up my excessive code here greatly appreciated as I'm certain it is too lengthy!

See the Pen mdLKbdo by kabocreative (@kabocreative) on CodePen

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Just adding that there's nothing wrong with a little repetition (in my opinion). I think some people get too hung up on that and make their code less readable. I tend to focus on readability first.

For instance, I'd keep your timeline declaration with the timeline it's controlling. You could use defaults to set a global toggleAction, but honestly it's fine to just define that per timeline. Sometimes global defaults aren't the best solution as they'll affect all your timelines in that project!

See the Pen rNvKVZv?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Oh no, it was a typo! This is now my second GSAP forum post with a camelcase mistake, eek. 

Thanks so much @mvaneijgen for figuring it out and explaining your debugging process. Doh!

And also thanks @Cassie - your example is certainly much cleaner and easier to read than mine, meaning I could come back to it and make sense of it more easily in future. Good to hear from the pro's not to worry too much about it. I've chosen not to use the global defaults for scroll trigger as I do have other scroll trigger timelines on the page that should have different behaviour.

Final working article now being put into website. Thanks again to you both!

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