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ScrollTrigger offscreen reset technique ignoring scrub

Delarge test
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Hi, is it possible to get the ScrollTrigger offscreen reset technique (good demo on another post) working with scrub?


My code, which almost works, is:


const anim_supersonic_image_1 = gsap.from("#supersonic-image-1", {
 x: 80,  
  ease: "back(1)",
  paused: true,
  scale: 1.1,
  perspective: 250,
  rotateX: -15,
  rotateY: 30,

const play_anim_supersonic_image_1 = ScrollTrigger.create({
   trigger: "#supersonic-image-1",
    scrub: 1, // <---- BEING IGNORED
    start:"top 70%",
  onEnter: () => anim_supersonic_image_1.play()

const reset_anim_supersonic_image_1 = ScrollTrigger.create({
  onLeaveBack: () => anim_supersonic_image_1.pause(0)


See my note about 'BEING IGNORED'?

Where am I going wrong here?


Many thanks!


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Hi @Delarge!


Is that possible to provide a demo from codepen please? I'm not sure without testing, but your example seems to be something like the URL you propose... I have tested some part of your code by copy/paste him in the codepen of the DEMO, but is working good for me.


ScrollTrigger is register too?




Best regards!




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