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Newbie -- can anyone tell me why this doesn't work?

block--head test
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Thanks... So I've added gsap core and ScrollTrigger via script tags in the HTML - not sure if that's the right thing to do...

As for the syntax, I used the "simple example" from the scrollTrigger documentation, just added duration: 1 to the animation..

Still nothing happening though!

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OK... so maybe calling js via script tags wasn't the way to go (at least not on codepen)...


Have created a fork of the GSAP starter project (giving me all the gsap plugins), and now progress is being made:


See the Pen ZExZjrv by block-head (@block-head) on CodePen


I added the "box" class to the first div "HERO (Part ONE)" as well as Part TWO - this shows me that the animation is taking place on page load, NOT when the div comes into the viewport.


An odd side-effect is that the css background color has shrunk on the "box" class elements.

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Update: looks like scrollTrigger doesn't want to play nice with 'overflow-y: scroll' in the css


I forked my original pen (the first one linked in this post) and commented out that line, now the animation works - but of course no scroll-snapping.


See the Pen WNzWWbZ by block-head (@block-head) on CodePen


Incidentally, the JS for scrollTrigger works fine without needing to call the library since (as I assumed in the first place) they are pre-loaded on codepen anyway.


Obviously, I need to sort out the html and css since the color block is moving with the animation, but apart from that I think I'll try scroll snapping using gsap as outlined here: https://css-tricks.com/going-meta-gsap-the-quest-for-perfect-infinite-scrolling/#aa-scroll-snapping/ - presuming that if I keep things within gsap framework everything should work well together...


rather more than I'd bargained for in a first try, but here goes... :)

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Ooft, yeah I would definitely give that article a miss until you're much much further down the line. It's excellent but not beginner friendly at all!

You just needed to tell ScrollTrigger that you're using a custom scroller, and do a little loop around your sections so that each one gets triggered.


7 hours ago, elegantseagulls said:

With your setup, you'll need to change ScrollTrigger's scroller target to '.container'

^ Ryan mentioned the scroller target here

See the Pen QWmPPOr by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Also, small tip - if you go to 'settings' you can add any JS libraries, just type them into the search box.



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