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Greensock Background change

phillip_vale test
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I'm trying to get a background image .gif to change from one image to the another.

I want the animation to change from Homer to Leo and repeat endlessly.


I'm just after a straight cut in the transition so i thought .set would do it rather than a .to or .from with opacity etc.


Thanks for the help,


See the Pen jOzMNry by phillipanthonyvale (@phillipanthonyvale) on CodePen

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Hey there,


You'll get a straight cut anyway with a to tween as you can't animate between different background images - there's no 'in between' state. It's either one image or the other.

But whether you're using set or to you're going to need to add some position parameters and maybe a repeatDelay so that your tweens are spaced out. Right now they're both happening at the same time (set is 0 duration)

See the Pen XWEjXMj?editors=1111 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

I've also updated your timeline to use the latest syntax and not timelineMax (that's version 2)


Hope this helps!

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