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2 Motion Path animations with eventlistener

Yaya test
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Hi gsap fans,

I would really appreciate some help. I created this svg with 2 boxes (packages) that need to move on their curve when you mouseenter and mouseleave.  You will also see 2 gears that are supposed to rotate.

Where am I going wrong? I really wanted to add more motion paths for the other dots on curves; but, I need to simplify for troubleshooting. Also, I worry about loading down the processing needed to make all animations happen.

Thanks in advance!

See the Pen OJvJjqo by yayaCreates (@yayaCreates) on CodePen

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You were feeding motionPath a <g> instead of a <path>. That won't work. The warning in the console was telling you that. 


You also seemed to be linking to a bunch of bonus plugins with invalid URLs. But if those are legit URLs, please do NOT post links to unrestricted, members-only plugins. That would make them free for anyone with those links. It doesn't look like you have a Club GreenSock membership either, so you shouldn't be using those plugins. 


You didn't load MotionPathPlugin either. 


Is this more like what you wanted? 

See the Pen ExExwro?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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