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hi guys, i am a newbie and i am trying to execute a function every time the element needs to animate in the viewport. at the moment it only works from top to bottom and not the other way around ....
a thousand thanks! what am I doing wrong?



const textAnimationContainers = document.querySelectorAll('.text-animation-container');
const textAnimationElements = document.querySelectorAll('.text-animation-element');
function animateTextInViewport() {
var newText = "";
var theText = e;
for (i = 0; i < theText.innerText.length; i++) {
newText += "<span>";
if (theText.innerText[i] == " "){newText += "&nbsp;"}
else {newText += theText.innerText[i];}
newText += "</span>";
theText.innerHTML = newText;
var targetsDiv = e.querySelectorAll("span");
TweenMax.staggerFromTo(targetsDiv, 2, {opacity:0, y:90, ease: Elastic.easeOut.config(1.5, 0.5)}, {opacity:1, y:0, ease: Elastic.easeOut.config(1.5, 0.5)}, 0.03);
textAnimationElements.forEach((e)=> {
trigger: e,
start: "top bottom",
scrub: true,
onEnter: animateTextInViewport,
onEnterBack: animateTextInViewport,
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I don't really understand the question either - can you please provide a minimal demo (like a CodePen), @Gasparo95


Every time you call that function, you're creating entirely new innerHTML (new elements entirely) that you're trying to animate. Are you sure that's what you want? Are you trying to do what SplitText does (but without SplitText)? 


It looks like you're using a very old syntax too - there's no need for TweenMax anymore. GSAP 3 launched many years ago and it has a more streamlined API. See



A minimal demo will go a long way toward getting you an answer. 👍

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