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FROM position animation not working as expected

clayteller test
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Hi, I'm baffled by my simple animation not working. I'm just trying to set up a similar animation to this one 

See the Pen ExVEOPa by snorkltv (@snorkltv) on CodePen



I want items to fade in and slide up 70 pixels to display in the vertical center of the containing section.


Instead, they're not sliding up at all. I don't understand why they're displaying at 70 pixels below the vertical center. Seems like the TO animation is working, but the FROM is not.


Such a simple animation, what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

See the Pen gOmBGEG by clayteller (@clayteller) on CodePen

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Sorry about any confusion there, @clayteller! It was because you were loading the latest beta file which had some experimental changes in it, but you helped us spot a regression which should be fixed now in that beta file. You could load the latest official release or just clear your cache and use the latest beta. 

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