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Translate element incrementally with ScrollTrigger

Volt 22 test
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Hello Everyone,


I'm trying to achieve something seemingly simple but I'm having issues. 

I want to translate an element on scroll. I want the counter container to move upward by 32px and reveal the correct number, when the block on the right passes the ScrollTrigger marker. 


Right now, it's not working incrementally. It starts from 1 every time, and it doesn't work on scroll up.

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@Volt 22 Yeah, something about the way relative px values are being calculated. Instead what you can do is get an array of y offsets and pass each function the index of the element hitting its trigger.


so when section two hits its trigger, the number animates to position 2 on an array.

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By default, any tween with a ScrollTrigger attached gets rendered immediately so that it's ready to burst into action the moment the scroll position is crossed (performance optimization). When a tween renders for the first time, it records the start/end values internally so that it can quickly interpolate between them. You're creating all your tweens up front and they all have a ScrollTrigger, so they lock in their start value(s). You're coding it, however, assuming that each subsequent tween builds on the prior one. 


But the initial position is locked in for each one do to the immediateRender. 


Solution: set immediateRender: false




Or you could put all those tweens in a single scrubbed timeline like this: 

See the Pen LYQwNGJ?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


It depends on what behavior you want (scrubbed or not). 

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