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Freelance gsap project + full-time frontend dev roles

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Hello gsap devs! 👋


We're Smithfield a small studio based in the UK looking for someone to help us with a static gsap site. It's for an amazing partner of ours that do lovely socially impactful work. Some examples of our work: Oneflow / Walr / Kindness / WWF: Planet Based Diets / Climate Policy Radar.


Generally speaking we love collaborating longterm with friendly folks, but if you only have availability for a short-term project, we'd still like to hear from you as we have a good'un pretty much ready to go!


Short-term gsap project:

We're in the process of wrapping up the design with our partner, but would be happy to chat through it + provide more context on a call. There will be quite a bit of ScrollTrigger interactions, but nothing too crazy.


Longer-term collaborations:

If you're after a more collaborative long-term relationship please see the creative dev post here.


If this sounds interesting to you please get in touch by popping a quick intro email over to hello@smithfield.studio with live examples of your latest & best work (happy with Codepens if portfolio still WIP).


Looking forward to hearing from any/all interested! :)

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Hey there! This sounds like a really great project/opportunity. Thanks for posting it here.


Hope you have luck finding someone - we're also very happy to share on social if that would help. ☺️

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1 hour ago, Cassie said:

we're also very happy to share on social if that would help. ☺️


That'd be so helpful, thanks @Cassie!


Also want to say we really appreciate everything you + gsap team are doing! 🙌

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Thanks so much to everyone that's been in touch, this is such a welcoming and talented dev community! 🤩 


We've found someone for the short term gsap project, but always up for collaborations so get in touch if you like the sound of what we do and hopefully we'll have something in the not too distant future to share.

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