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some new tweenmax tutorials. hopefully they help you.

Carl test
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Hey Guys and the Exalted Greensock,


I've been using greensock code for quite awhile and wanted to share a few quick video tutorials I've done that highlight some awesome features of the platform.

Hopefully these videos will get you excited about using this tool and open your eyes to the fact that its much more than just making things move from point A to B.

I've gained so much from using this platform and from the flash community as a whole. Its time to give a little back:


Random Color Tweens



How to Tween A Variable / What the heck is onUpdate for?



Random Perpetual Motion with TweenMax



Easiest way to pause A Flash timeline for any amount of time without adding tons of frames








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Fantastic, Carl! These are very cool. You've got an engaging presentation style and I like how you covered several different aspects to help folks get going.


Seriously, keep these coming.


And by the way, as a way of saying "thanks" for helping to get the word out and putting together some nice tutorials, I set you up with a "Shockingly Green" Club GreenSock membership. I'm not sure you saw the post about this offer, but for anyone who hasn't: http://www.greensock.com/tutorial-reward/

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Wow. I'm totally grateful to you. I had no idea about the promotion / contest. The concept of YOU giving something to ME is difficult to comprehend. TweenMax has saved my butt on soooo many occasions.


Just recently on a project I was dying to get my hands on the customEase classes as I needed something just slightly snappier than a Back.easeOut. I've always been really eager to dig into splitTextfield as well. I made something that works similarly for myself awhile ago but it isn't very flexible and I know it is complete garbage compared to what you have made. I look forward to getting into these premium features.


When I started making Flash tutorials I wanted to focus on things that are easy to comprehend and help beginners add big value to their workflow and end results. Your tweening platform has so many little nuggets to explore that meet that criteria. Whenever I consider what to tutorialize, TweenMax is so much more fun to talk about than generic AS3. I will gladly keep churning them out.


Again, thanks so much for allowing me to post here, your kind comments, and generous reward.



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Awesome nuggets! Great stuff Carl, thanks for sharing with the community, keep up the great work and examples.


I especially liked this from your site:

I'm just starting to archive my 12 years of Flash knowledge in the most ridiculous fashion possible. Stick around you might just learn something for a change:)


Bookmarked and looking forward to exploring further as you share your 12 years of Flash knowledge.

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