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AutoFitArea problem ?

sandesh test
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Hi Jack,


I have racked my brains enough but can't simply get the solution.

I am using AutofitArea class and setting its calculateVisible property to true, still the masked area portion is not working as expected.


E.g: If you compile the attached files, the background along with the content should cover the whole stage, but its considering the width and height of the masked areas.

That's why you can see blank areas in the right and bottom sides of the player. Pls help. I dont know where i am going wrong.


Pls check this code in the as file. Rest ignore


_area = new AutoFitArea(this, 0, 0, 1280, 768)
_content = new Content
_area.attach(_content, ScaleMode.STRETCH, AlignMode.LEFT, AlignMode.TOP, false, 0, 999999999, 0, 999999999, true)

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In your resizeElements() method, you're resizing the _content instead of the _area.


For the record, LiquidArea automates this sort of thing in terms of adjusting the size of the area whenever the stage resizes. But LiquidArea is part of LiquidStage which is a Club GreenSock membership benefit, so if you're not in the club, it wouldn't do you any good :)

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