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I want to improve the animation that is already done in codepen and some scroll snap type function add to it.

adil17 test
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Here is the example animation I want to achieve https://dribbble.com/shots/15292175-Product-Carousel-Experience

1. I want to make the animation  smooth like the example of dribble I shared above
2. it's not scrolling smooth on mouse wheel, like I think  if mouse is scrolled many times in one go it should only trigger one animation and don't go directly to next slides. 
here is the real code that you can modify 

See the Pen ExbLgVG by muhammadjunaid1 (@muhammadjunaid1) on CodePen

Please help me. 

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You can set a numeric scrub value on your ScrollTrigger animation(s) to get a smoothing effect. Like scrub: 1 would make it take 1 second to "catch up". 


You might want to look into something like this where you don't even have any actual scrolling but instead listen for wheel/touch events to trigger things: 

See the Pen WNXXpvm?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Good luck!

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