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Cursor change over block - offset issue

Mattrudd test
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Hi folks, trying to integrate a cursor change on hover (a play button over a video thumbnail).


I can't seem to work out why, when I add the hover section to a page with ScrollTrigger, the button appears above (offset - vertically up the page from) the container and not over it as intended?


Tried lots of variations of thumbnail container CSS positioning so wondering whether I'm missing something in my scroller proxy settings?


See the Pen zYPpamW by matt-rudd (@matt-rudd) on CodePen

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If I understand your question correctly, that's just how CSS works. If you put a position: fixed element inside a container that has a transform applied to it (which LocomotiveScroll does), it suddenly makes the fixed positioning relative to the container instead of the viewport! Annoying, I know. But again, it's completely unrelated to GSAP/ScrollTrigger. 


If you want it to act relative to the viewport, you'll need to remove it from that transformed container or counter-transform it in the opposite direction as its container is moving to compensate. 


Good luck!

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