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I just joined so that I could avoid the "Oops! Trial Version of SplitText Deployed".


My current oopsing code has: <script src='https://assets.codepen.io/16327/SplitText3.min.js'></script><script  src="./script.js">


What do I need to change it to?


I don't see 'SplitText3.min.js' included in the gsap.member.zip file.


Should I include a different file?


Any idea where to get it?


Thanks in advance,



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Hi @rogiedodgie. Welcome to GreenSock!


SplitText is a membership benefit of "Shockingly Green" (and above) members. Sign up at https://greensock.com/club. Once you're a Club GreenSock member, your download zip will contain the bonus plugins (like SplitText, MorphSVGPlugin, etc.) 


It looks like you haven't signed up yet, so you only have access to the core files and the plugins that aren't members-only. 


Does that answer your question? 

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