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Mouse Cursor Effect

rala test
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Just a little other question (sorry lol) do you know why the effect only works after a click. Because everytime I refresh the page I need to click on the canvas otherwise the cursor effect don't work, there is no trail. 


Well I figured how to initiate it, just write canvas.dispatchEvent(new Event('mousedown'));

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This may be a long shot asking for help but... I've been trying to figure out how to achieve that colorful smoke effect forever, the second one posted on Jan/3 by Dennyno. It's exactly what I want. I have a Wordpress site with Elementor but cannot figure out how to get that added. I added the JS/CSS in the custom JS/CSS section of my Elementor page, but it's still not displaying the cursor effect. If anyone could give me guidance on how to add this effect to my site, it'd be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much!

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There are a lot of reasons why it wouldn't be working but I'm afraid we can't help here. The effect isn't using GSAP at all and it's just been lifted from advanced team's site. 

It's a nice example to learn from but we wouldn't suggest using it in production without the permission of the original code author. 

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