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Immediate render on nested timelines

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Hi guys, 

i have a question related to nested timelines with GSAP 3.x
I have two separate sets of timelines, which are nested after creation in a single timeline.
The problem is that the second has, opacity or autoalpha 0 setting, which only get triggered once the second timeline run in the global one.
Normally for that stack and the visual display it's needed that i have to set all the elements on stage to visibility hidden at first.
My general question is if it is possible to have an immediate render which takes place too when you nest them together.

My actual solution is that i put the second timeline also to the starting point of the first and delayed the animations to a different point, but i'm more interested (for the sake of clean code/logic) if it's possible to have a working immediate render for a nested timeline situation.

To set them via css is no option and to put extra markup to hide them first would be possible but it's not the curiosity of my question :-)

Thanks for some ideas.
Best Peter

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I read your question a few times and I'm having a difficult time understanding. A minimal demo would SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of getting a good answer. :)


If your goal is to force a state to get rendered that's at the beginning of a particular timeline (before you nest it, for example), you could force it by jumping to the end (or anywhere) and then the beginning, sorta like child.progress(1).progress(0)

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